Compete with confidence, perform under pressure, and lead so others will follow.

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Peak Under Pressure

The Winner Will

The Winner Will helps elite student-athletes overcome the obstacles that impede performance so that you can reach your full potential in sport, school, and life.

  • Uncover your strengths and increase your self awareness
  • Expose the obstacles that keep you from getting what you want
  • Learn and implement strategies that will remove the obstacles
  • Overcome fear of making mistakes
  • Compete with confidence
  • Deal with the mental and emotional part of being an elite student-athlete
  • Learn how to deal with stress and pressure in competition
  • Put yourself in a position to be a champion
  • Enjoy the challenge of competition

When I started working with Gisele, I really learned what it meant to be competitive, what it meant to be an athlete and part of a team.

Jasmine BoschDinos Club, U of A, U of A Pandas Volleyball, Master's Student at Carlton U

No matter what you’re struggling with, if it’s a specific skill, or an attitude thing or something mental, the Winner Will process can be used in many situations to help you.

Gbemisola Oluntogun3x Club Volleyball National Champion, U of A Panda

She is very interested in other people, she has a huge amount of love and wisdom to give people and she seems to have an endless supply of it.

Penny PexmanParent and U of C Professor

I've learned to worry less about the small things that don't matter and to focus on being the best I can be.

Colleen OlgelvieQueens U Goldengale Volleyball Athlete, National Team Athlete, Pro Volleyball France 2013-2015

I think she really knows what she’s talking about in regards to a lot of people even before they realize that within themselves.

Caity BuckellU of A Pandas Volleyball, U of A Block A Award Winner, Dinos Club Coach

Gisele taught me how to play big, especially for my size.

Kelsey ChanFormer Starting Setter and Captain at Dickinson State University in North Dakota
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