Peak Under Pressure Online Course

Learn how to compete with confidence and perform under pressure with this step-by-step online course that will help you reach your full potential as a student-athlete.

At The Winner Will, we believe performing under pressure is something you can learn – but it takes more than just physical talent and technical skill.


It also takes training the mental and emotional part of your game.


The Winner Will helps student-athletes perform under pressure so they can reach their full potential and enjoy the challenge of competition.

Parent – Dr. Jo Ann Johnson 

“Gisele has not only inspired my daughter to reach her potential as a varsity volleyball athlete, but to translate the principles of The Winner Will –Peak Under Pressure course into her day-to-day life. These strategies have given her the confidence to be the best student-athlete she can be, to understand the rewards of perseverance and hard work, and to believe.”

Parents – Kary and Joel Otto 

“As parents, we really appreciate all that Gisele, and the Winner Will has done for our daughter, Kacey. We have recommended The Winner Will many times to our friends’ kids, and are very happy that this training is available to more young athletes through her Peak Under Pressure online course. We believe strongly that this training helps athletes reach their true potential.”

Tessa Hill

“The Winner Will has given me the mental and emotional tools to become a champion on and off the court. I will use what have learned from The Winner Will –Peak Under Pressure course to face life’s challenges with confidence in every area of my life.”

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