What is The Winner Will?

At The Winner Will, we believe that performing under pressure is something you can learn—but it takes more than just physical talent and technical skill. It also takes training the mental and emotional part of your game.

The Winner Will helps student-athletes excel in sport, school, and life. Through our proven, practical process you’ll learn the skills and strategies to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back—so that you can reach your full potential and enjoy the challenge of competition.


Winners are motivated athletes who are ready and willing to do the work to get what they want

What do you want? …to be a starter, an impact player, lead your team, overcome fear of making mistakes, perform your best when it matters most, become a champion?


Many athletes want to play at a higher level

Yet, there is often something keeping you from getting what you want.


Top College and University coaches are looking for that “thing”

…that thing that sets you apart: the extra edge, the capacity to give 100% of yourself. coaches are looking for athletes who understand what it takes to be a fierce competitor.


There’s a common misconception

You may think your performance will improve simply by training harder and longer and by getting more repetitions in the gym. While physical training is necessary, it’s not sufficient. The solution is much deeper.


The Winner Will 3-Step Process

The Winner Will focuses on you as a whole person and provides a framework to help you: increase self-awareness, identify obstacles that impede performance and implement strategies to perform your best under pressure. Learning to master the mental and emotional part of your game puts you in a position to become a champion.

Meet Gisele

 your personal performance coach

Gisele has over 35 years of experience in competitive sport as an elite athlete and coach. As an athlete, she was very fortunate to have amazing coaches and teammates. Gisele’s athletic accomplishments in volleyball include:

  • Two-time USport Champion
  • MVP at USport National Championship in her second year of University
  • Canada West and USport All-Star Team Awards
  • Induction with her teammates into six Halls of Fame
  • NORCECA Champion 
  • Gisele and her teammates from the 1980 Junior National Team are the only indoor Canadian Women’s team to win a Gold Medal in an international competition. They were inducted into the Volleyball Canada Hall of Fame in 2015.

With a passion for teaching and investing in the lives of others, Gisele pursued a career as a teacher and spent the first half of her career teaching Physical Education and coaching in elementary, junior and senior high schools. In 1995, she was awarded an Alberta Teacher Excellence Award. Throughout her coaching career, Gisele’s teams won countless tournaments and championships. She was awarded the AB Volleyball 18U Coach of the Year in 2007. 

Gisele completed a Master’s Degree at the University of Calgary in Educational Leadership and was seconded to Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre (AARC) where she developed the Education Centre for clients in drug and alcohol treatment. The latter fourteen years of her career were spent as a high school Guidance counselor. Gisele also served on the Critical Incident Response Team for eight years at the Calgary Board of Education and facilitated numerous professional development seminars for teachers and school leaders. She distilled her athletic experiences along with her career as a seasoned high school teacher, guidance counselor and coach to create The Winner Will. Through her unique, holistic approach to training, she helps student-athletes overcome physical, mental and emotional obstacles so that they can radically transform their athletic performance and excel in all areas of their lives. 

Gisele’s personal life has displayed remarkable resilience. As a breast cancer survivor, she is an individual who relishes life’s challenges as an opportunity to grow. Gisele’s unrelenting positive attitude, encouraging spirit, and unique gifts inform her approach to her life and her work each and every day. Gisele and her husband live in Calgary, and together they enjoy life with their two adult daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren.

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