Create your Personal Profile to learn more about yourself:

How are you smart?  

How do you learn? 

How do you express yourself?

The Personal Profile is a synthesis of information gathered from three informal inventories. These inventories are not in any way meant to diagnose or put labels on you. They are simple tools used in a specific way to begin the conversation about how you’re smart, how you learn, how you express yourself and how you make all this information work for you as a student-athlete.

The Personal Profile consists of many characteristics. Each characteristic has been described by using general statements. Please note that these are generalizations, and therefore, may not be accurate statements for everyone. This information is simply intended to add context to each characteristic.

In each inventory, there are a number of characteristics; you can also call them qualities, descriptors or adjectives. Each characteristic can be considered a strength or a weakness depending on you and your interests as well as your environment.

The purpose of this work is to increase your self-awareness and to equip you to better manage yourself in sport, school and life. The self-awareness gained through these inventories is transferrable to all areas of your life.

Multiple Intelligences – How You Are Smart?

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This inventory can help you determine which intelligences are your strengths. Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligences describes eight types of intelligence.

Learning Styles – How do you learn?

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Research has shown that everyone has a unique learning style and that each person has the capacity to learn despite different learning preferences. This inventory will identify your strengths in regards to the way you prefer to learn and your preferred learning environment. We also know that preferences may change and in no way do we want to label or put anyone in a box.

True Colors – How Do You Express Yourself?

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Don Lowry’s True Colors personality inventory is simple and an easy way of understanding why you are the way you are. It helps you increase your self-awareness, get along better with others and understand how to work, play and live with others more effectively.