Parent – Dr. Jo Ann Johnson 

“Gisele has not only inspired my daughter to reach her potential as a varsity volleyball athlete, but to translate the principles of The Winner Will – Peak Under Pressure course into her day-to-day life. These strategies have given her the confidence to be the best student-athlete she can be, to understand the rewards of perseverance and hard work, and to believe.”

Caity Buckell

“The Winner Will taught me one of the most important lessons required to be successful in sport, and in life, and that is how to take ownership. The program equipped me with an incredible toolkit to tackle the many challenges of youth competitive sport. Now, thirteen years later, it has become evident to me that Gisele didn’t just teach me how to bring my best performance to the court, but she gave me a foundation of skills and lessons for lifelong growth and success.”

Cait Larrigan 

“Many people underestimate the importance of the mental aspect of sport. I know I did. However, after completing The Winner Will – Peak Under Pressure online course and working with Gisele, that opinion has completely changed. By acknowledging my mental and emotional obstacles and using the strategies from the course, I am able to perform at my best, even in pressure situations.”



Joel and Kary Otto

“As parents, we really appreciate all that Gisele, and the Winner Will has done for our daughter, Kacey. We have recommended The Winner Will many times to our friends’ kids, and are very happy that this training is available to more young athletes through her Peak Under Pressure online course. We believe strongly that this training helps athletes reach their true potential.”

Dr. Molly Shing

“What an amazing and eye-opening process to be a part of, to watch both of my young teenage daughters blossom into competitive athletes and confident and independent young women with love and passion for what they do. I, too, have learned NOT TO BE IN FRONT of them but behind them and just listen.”

Brian Calkins

“Goals require a number of different pieces in order to be realized. Goals need to have clarity of vision, precision in planning and measurable mile stones. That is The Winner Will. Wanting, working and trying are simple not enough. If the realization of your goal is what you are interested in, then The Winner Will – Peak Under Pressure is for you.  My daughter, Natasha, did the Winner Will training of the mental and emotional part of her game and after graduating for Florida State University on a full ride volleyball scholarship she is continuing to play volleyball at the professional level.”

Esmie Lawrence 

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. My daughter played volleyball for Gisele on her high school volleyball team. The Winner Will process equipped my daughter to become the best she could be. The program helped her be free to play the game she loves, take chances and have fun. She was free to make mistakes as a developing athlete and that helped her learn and grow. I find myself using this philosophy for life!”



Kacey Otto 

“Working with The Winner Will has had a big impact on my life. I learned so much more about myself as an athlete and as a person. I noticed giant leaps in my confidence and my ability to let go of mistakes early on in my work with her. This continued to grow as I put in the work and stayed committed to the process. I became more aware of my strengths as an athlete and ways to maximize those strengths to both perform at my best and to have a positive impact on my teammates. The Winner Will provided me with the skills I needed to handle pressure on and off the court, to the point where the more pressure I felt, often the better I performed. I had moments of frustration in my play, and those came often, but The Winner Will equipped me with the skills to work through these frustrations and become better each and every day.”

Ciara Hanly 

Working with Gisele through The Winner Will taught me how to find strength in my reserved nature and to own who I am to thrive both on the volleyball court and in my day-to-day life.

Tessa Hill 

The Winner Will has given me the mental and emotionaltools to become a champion on and off the court. I will use what have learned from The Winner Will –Peak Under Pressurecourse to face life’s challenges with confidence in every area of my life.



Boyd Wakelin

“The Winner Will has provided my student-athletes with tools to overcome obstacles and enhance peak performance in competition and in the classroom. A lasting memory of mine came from a meeting with a 13 year old player in regards to the Peak Under PressureCourse. He said, ‘Coach, this work is great. It’s not only going to help me in hockey, but in everyday life as well!’”

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