The Three Rules

When it comes to talented athletes, many of them are held back by their own self-doubt more than any physical challenges that they face. They can’t stop thinking about a mistake they made when the score was tied and everyone saw, how disappointed their parents were when they lost, or the look on their coaches face when they missed an easy shot. They become trapped in their own head, stressing out over every little mistake they’ve made. Maybe they feel like everyone is looking at them and scrutinizing every move.

Does any of that sound familiar to you as a developing athlete?

If so, there’s a good chance that you are suffering from the ‘burden of self’. You’re carrying unnecessary mental and emotional weight into competition with you, and it’s keeping you from performing your best. If you want to overcome the constant worry that you feel, this is the episode for you. You will finally be able to understand what this block is and how you can move past it by doing this mental and emotional training.

Gisele Kreuger

Performance Coach